Existential Emptiness

by Melancholic Journey

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Winterpercht Projects name says it all. A melancholic Journey from Sofia. Slow, melodic BM.
Pasi Timonen
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Pasi Timonen Awesome album again. Favorite track: And the birds will fly away.
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After more than two years of grief, sorrow material and mental misery, this everlasting negativity born a new ill child. The prise of this curse was paid with blood and tears. It does not matter if you will like it or not. It doesn't matter if you will understand it. The worst is that even after its birth, all the darkness still does not end! And I don't really believe that it will end any time soon. Embrace your fate and don't try to run away from it. Some people are born to suffer. Let the river of tears flow...

With my slowly dying heart and soul I present "Existential emptiness" - the second full-lenght album of the black metal project Melancholic Journey. The album contains intro, outro, instrumental track and four songs with average length of about 7 minutes each one. 35 minutes of pure misery, sadness, melancholy, grief and pain.

I would like to thank to:
Korpsvart (Nephyrium, Stronghold of Desperation) - visual design.
Peter Wolf (Medieval Necrolatry, The howling spectre) - cover art and new logo.
Martin Tsenov (Henna) - Mastering.
Without you the final result would not be possible. The vision and final sound
could not be done better. Thank you all for this so important help!

"Many years are passing by
with many new stars in the sky.
Tomorow comes with brand new day
and the birds will fly away."


released September 19, 2016

Oväder - All instruments, vocals, lyrics, mixing
Peter Wolf - Logo, cover art
Korpsvart - Visual design
Martin Tsenov - Mastering



all rights reserved


Melancholic Journey Sofia, Bulgaria

Melancholic Journey was formed in 2011 in Lom/Sofia, Bulgaria by Ovader.It is an atmospheric/melancholic black metal one man project.In 2012 the melodic/speed/thrash/(now black) metal project called Enodia was formed again by Ovader.Korpsvart from the Dark/ Folk Ambient (with Fantasy background) project named Nephyrium works on the design of every album by Ovader's projects. ... more

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Track Name: And the birds will fly away
A free bird cannot live in cage
without suffering and rage.
Their place is in the sky
but imprisoned they all die.

And like these all ill-fated birds
we shall suffer in this world.
Through the times of silent pain
we are going down the drain.

Existence doesn't really matter.
In the grave we all shall gather.
Life consumes our weakened hope
and the heartbeat slowly stops.

And when the last tear slowly drops
the endless tunnels we behold.
This fallen tear - a final sound
and we'll be buried underground.

And then you ask:"What I live for
when happiness I can't afford.
Why should I go on and where
through this existence in despair?"

Many years are passing by
with many new stars in the sky.
Tomorow comes with brand new day
and the birds will fly away.
Track Name: The everlasting illusive circle
The wind and snow are calling
her forgotten name
creating blackened sorrow
which never disappears.

And the tears are falling
like an autumn rain
when a soul is dying
year after year.

Every night she comes back
to her lonely tower
looking in the mirror
with her saddened eyes.

Patiently awaiting
the dawn of her last hour,
in a darkened corner
she desperately cries.

Again the night is falling
with the moon so red.
Behind the ice-cold windows
she's grieving all alone.

Memories so painfull
consume her frozen breath
and everything she had in life
now's forever gone.

Staring to the stars at night,
now she understands -
it is meaningless to wait
and she can never find relief.

All the hope she ever had
through the life she spent
has been just a bleak illusion
bringing only pain and grief.
Track Name: Melodies of an empty existence (Instrumental)
Track Name: Dedicated and wasted life
There are things that can't be changed,
things that feed my hateful rage.
In the future or the past
we are forced to wear masks.

Can we ever be ourselves
when in mimic worlds we dwell?
Compromises all day and night,
stereotypes for "wrong" and "right".

Always try to care for others.
What you feel it doesn't matter.
Internal pain remains hidden.
Accept the fact that fate is written.

Sacrifice your soul and heart
but don't forget to hide your wrath.
Never say what hides inside,
the other's words are always right!

You know that hope shall be erased
with delusive smile on face.
You know that happiness will end.
These are facts you can't prevent.

They are all misguided pawns
and one day they will all be gone.
I refuse to waste my years
but your life will end in tears!

You can live in fairytale
but the misery'll prevail.
The time will come but they'll be gone
and you'll be left to die alone.
Track Name: Poet's last letter
Weakened hands and broken heart
of man devoted to the art.
Trapped to live a life unfair,
damned to breathe the earthly air.

To this darkness I am sworn
and it is growing more and more.
Shadows open the last gate
so I shall embrase my fate.

All these years have been the same,
filled with tears like autumn rain.
I've been marked with endless scars
and my soul will soon depart.

Existence doomed by solitude,
locked in this infinitude.
Soon this journey shall be finnished.
Flame of life must be extinguished.

Tears born by my hope and dreams
form a dismal frozen stream.
Burden is what I have carried
on the path to cemetery.

Blood became so cold and pale
after all mistakes and fails.
After many suns and moons
I still bear unhealed wounds.

I could never find relief,
nothing good has been received.
Tomorrow can't and won't be better
so here is my final letter.